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I have decided to start taking commissions for art. I am new to this and quite new at drawing other peoples ideas and therefore, for now, only take commissions I feel confident in doing. 


How much?
$20 for a full body depiction of your character. $15 for a portrait. Tips are very much appreciated but not necessary. 

Method of Payment
At this time I can only accept transfer through Paypal. After I am done the sketch and lineart I will show it to you and ask for half the payment at that time. Once I am finished I will show you the finished product with a water mark placed over the picture. You will be given the original after payment is received along with a transparent copy of the picture (No Background) if you desire. 

Will you take points/trades ect for payment instead?
Sorry but no. I need the money. I am very much a starving artist at the moment. 

What type of art do you do?
While it should be obvious I focus mainly on anthropomorphic animal art. However I also do realistic animals so pet portraits or feral characters are usually fine too. As stated above I am new to doing art for other people and so if I feel your character is a bit beyond my abilities I will respectfully decline. I aim to never give out anything I myself do not feel is worth what I am asking. If for some reason I am unable to complete a commission you will be paid back in full. 
I aim to draw only original characters or pets. This means I don't do copyrighted characters. (Balto, Simba ect ect) For other people for money. 

What is your drawing process?
All my drawings start with a pencil and a piece of paper. I draw everything by hand which I personally believe is appealing in artists. After that I put the sketch onto the computer and redo it digitally. 

What do you need for commissions? 
If you would like me to do a drawing of your original character or pet I will need a very detailed description of that character or even better a reference. (I will always need a reference for pet portraits) If you have other art of your character I would like to see it all to get a good idea on what I need to do. If you would prefer a certain pose we can discuss that as well. 

Do you do 'mature' art?
While I can do this I try not to make a habit out of it. I am not a porn artist and do not have a lot of practice in it. If I do accept a mature commission additional charges may apply. I reserve the right to decline any commission I personally do not feel comfortable in doing. I do not consider proper anatomy to be pornographic however. So if you prefer a more realistic style to your character I do not mind doing that. 

How long do commissions take?
This depends on a lot of things such as what is going on irl, how many commissions I have and my general mood on drawing. I can only draw when I'm in the mood for it. I ask for at least two weeks but in the past I've been able to finish a project far quicker than that. All I ask for is patience, really. 

I don't like something on my commission. Can you change it?
Yes. This is why I show the original before I start coloring. If you don't like something please be honest and tell me. If you wait until after I'm done there is nothing I can do about it and will expect to still be paid. 

What can I do with my drawing after you're done with it?
As far as I'm concerned that drawing is now your property and you can do whatever you like with it. All I ask is that I reserve the right to put the finished product up here on DA (Or any other art gallery) with a copyright to you in the description. 
I also ask that you keep my signature on the original picture. 

If you have any questions or would like to commission me please send me a private message here on DA. Thank you very much. :3

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